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3 October 2017 Read

Our Home - Urmston, Manchester

Overall house

When my husband and I found our now home we knew straight away that we wanted it

What my lovely husband didn’t realise was that being married to an architect means some serious designing and building efforts at times like these. In the first of the Butterfield Architecture blogs I pick off just one of the many projects we have tackled (so far…).

After many months of seemingly never ending legals we finally got our keys. We then set about turning an 1827 townhouse into our house, our office and the family home equipped to accommodate our 4 boys.

Within 2 days all of the carpets were up and in a skip and the 6 month remodelling and extension could begin.

The property had 5 bedrooms to begin but we’d decided that the layout that worked best for all of us was for the boys to all live on the 1st floor and for my husband and I to live in the loft. In order to deliver all of these needs we needed to convert the main front bedroom into two rooms. Having done this we then had the luxury of turning the two loft rooms into our bedroom and dressing room/en-suite respectively.

The other major works were to build ground floor side extension that housed a utility room and toilet as for a large house there was only 1 WC.

The finer details of this fascinating project will be featured in this blog from time to time but today I’m dying to give you all a glimpse of what we managed to achieve in our eldest’s room.

“All my mates say this is the coolest bedroom they’ve ever seen… there is a real pride in my step when I walk down my ladders!!”

Bedroom 3

Ruben had previously had a bed deck in an earlier house and loved it. The subdividing of the front bedroom necessitated the creation of a new lobby that robbed Ruben of some space in his room. Turning a challenge into an opportunity we utilised the full 12ft ceiling height and built him a new bed deck on top of the lobby.

Using some left over space next to the lobby and recycling some old wardrobe doors from the front bedroom we were able to create a massive walk in wardrobe for him too.

Add a vintage decorator’s ladder that our crazy joiner found in a skip, a drum kit and cut the new wall paint into the pattern of the existing William Morris wallpaper and you have a teenage bedroom that is the envy of all who hang out in it.

Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2

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